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At Evolution we do not supply PMW's. We only supply CCPMW's for many reasons. In order to evolve the HHO system as a whole it was necessary to do away with a PMW and evolve to the newer style of PWM called a Controlled Current Pulse Width Modulators (CCPMW). Shown below

To understand the importance of having a CCPMW instead of a PMW you must understand a term called "Thermal Runaway"
Thermal runaway is a condition where a cell is at the point where its producing more heat making HHO than it is dissipating during normal operation. As the cell gets hotter the amperage naturally rises until the fuse blows. This is why I have stressed the importance of large cells & reservoirs to control and dissipate heat.
So if your system demands are for large HHO production or you are constrained by smaller tanks and positions of the cells that don't dissipate heat you will need a means not just to turn down the amperage but you actually need a controller that will regulate the amperage to what you set it to. This is what a CCPMW does. It adjusts the amps to what you set them to and holds the system from going beyond the set point therefore keeping the cell from producing too much heat and subsequently more amps "Thermal runaway".

CCPMW's also make setting up the cell easier by not having to fuss with the concentrations of electrolyte to achieve a targeted amperage.

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CCPWM LED 24 Volt 45 Controlled Current Pulse Width Modulators
24 Volt - current adjustable to 45 amps Constant Current... Current stays within .5 - 1..
Ex Tax: $199.95
CCPWM LED 4500 Controlled Current Pulse Width Modulators
CCPWM LED 4500 Features Features: Constant Current to 45 Amps on 12 volt systems ..
Ex Tax: $179.95
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