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Like may facets of HHO systems, PWM’s are a thing of the past as they serve no real purpose other than adjusting the current. What you really need to do is to control your current.  That is precisely what a CCPWM does, control the current to your cell. If you don’t know what this product is you should. Its explained below.

Controlled Current Pulse Width Modulators (CCPWM).

To understand what a CCPWM is and why you need it you really need to know what a PWM is and how they differ as stated below

A PWM is a unit used to adjust the current going to the cell. It enables you to mix your electrolyte at any concentration then dial back the amps/power to what you need. A PWM serves no real positive function other than the ability to mix your electrolyte any where you want and have a convenient way to make amp adjustments. It does not control “Thermal runaway” (please read thermal runaway below)

A controlled current PWM functions the same as PWM with one major benefit, it will hold the amps to the set amount. It controls the amps and thermal runaway. A Controlled Current PWM has now become a tool you can use to get higher production from your cell. A CCPWM is essential for all large gas engines and diesels where you need to run the amperage close to the limits of the wiring and fuse for maxium output.

Thermal runaway is actually a chain reaction of problems that normally occurs in every electrolysis/HHO/hydrogen on demand system. It is a condition where the cell is at the point where its producing more heat making HHO than it’s system is able to dissipate during normal operation. This causes the next normally occurring reaction. As the electrolyte gets hotter it becomes more effective and the amperage naturally rises until it goes high enough to overload the power supply blowing fuses and such.

The benefits of a CCPWM are:
-The complete end to thermal runaway.
-It allows you to operate at full system amps/output the minuet the system is turned on (and keep it there) without waiting for cell warm up temperatures with low outputs, by completely eliminating thermal runaway.
-It makes setting up the cell a lot easier by not having to fuss with electrolyte mixtures to get a targeted amperage.
-It allows you to mix electrolyte concentrations very strong to stop winter freeze ups.
-You can run your system at or close to the rated amperage of your wiring without overheating wires or cooking fuses.
-There is no need for additional cooling systems.

A CCPWM is an absolute must for all systems needing to run at maxium output such as Diesels and V8/Large  gas engines however I recommended it on every system. You literally set your cell once and never have to touch it again / set it and forget it.

A CCPWM is an absolute must for ANY diesel as you simply want the most amperage to produce the most HHO all the time. Max out your system from the very start.

CCPWM 3500

CCPWM 35 Features:
Constant Current adjustable to 35 Amps on 12 volt systems
Adjustable Frequency 350 Hz – 3.5 kHz(inside)
Internally Adjustable Current 0-100%
Black ABS Plastic Case
Heat Sink with Cooling Fan designed to work with all the evolution cell systems wiring kit targeting 35 amps or less. This will work for up to 40 Amps 12 volt with 8 gauge wiring that is not supplied.
Supplied with complete wiring instructions

ADD TO CART CCPWM3500 $149.95


CCPWM LED 45 Features

Constant Current to 45 Amps on 12 volt systems

Bright Green LED Amp Readout
Adjustable Frequency 350 Hz – 3.5 kHz(inside)
External Adjustable Current 0-100%
Black Plastic Case

Heat Sink with Cooling Fan
Designed for custom 12 volt applications of 15 to 45 amps. Customer supplied wiring only
Supplied with complete wiring instructions

ADD TO CART CCPWM LED 4500 $179.95


CCPWM LED 24450 Features:

* 24 Volt – current adjustable to 45 amps
* Constant Current… Current stays within .5 – 1 amp of set point  
……….* Digital amp gauge pre-calibrated at 30 amps ……….
……….* Very strong, easy to use bolt on connectors rated at 60+ amps
……….* Extra thick circuit board and large mosfet transistors
……….* Internal fan to keep the PWM cool but also helps keeps water out
……….* Frequency adjustable in the range that works best for the Dry Cell (75Hz-1,500Hz)
……….* High peak power rating for large Dry Cells
……….* PWM will power on and off without a relay (we recommend to always use a relay for safety)
……… * Professionally assembled with surface mount and through hole parts, no hand soldering

ADD TO CART CCPWM LED 24450 $199.95





150 Amps CCPMW HHO


CCPWM1500 Features:
– Constant Current to 150 Amps
– Adjustable Frequency 350 Hz – 3.5 kHz(inside)
– Adjustable Current 0-100%
– All Aluminum Case
– Heat Sink with Cooling Fan

ADD TO CART CCPWM1500 $249.95

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