HHO Evolution Revolution All Steel Dry Cells

Evolution Fuel Systems set a new standard in durability and thoughtful design that other dry cell producers will be chasing for some time to come

Toss out those problematic plastic plates and fittings  Upgrade to the only all steel cell design being produced

hho dry cell

This is a website for builders, installers & consumers that are already aware HHO technology works to reduce harmful emissions and bring fuel efficiency gains in all internal combustion engines to save fuel.
You will not find flashy banners or misguiding statements,  just all the facts about the products and how to judge ours against others so you can understand what your buying before you make a purchase from anyone. Examine the differences closely. There is nothing on the market that comes close to the Evolution lineup.


Compaire before you buy from anyone!

All 316L Steel Designs

Evolution has made it a point to remove the weakest parts of dry cell design to develop commercial quality hydrogen on demand cells for all. It was time to Toss out the plastic & start from a blank slate. It is not only been a weak spot in cell design for strength, the plastic also holds in any heat normally created in the electrolysis process every cell uses.

The Evolution cell can be considered the only heat dissipating cell on the market.

There were days where using clear plastic for end caps was a standard but proved to be problematic. Read on for more specs.  & product compairsons  See why Evolution hho is the clear choice by designs

Dry Cells with Sizes that Make Sense

All the Evolution cell designs have the advantages of huge active surface area in industry leading slender designs. They are designed to allow the absolute maximum amount of cell in the absolute smallest areas. Our model LP1050 gives you more active surface area than a 26 plate 6 x6″ Dry Cell and fit onto something as small as a Honda civic.
Read on, understand why there is no substution for larger cells, surface is so important, bigger is better……

Leak Proof Designing

All Evolution Dry Cells make serious active surface area for small to massive production without risking leaks. No need for massive stacks of plates or worries of broken plastic fittings and leaks. Read on for more specs. & product compairsons Understand why to buy from Evolution hho

The evolution fuel system line up

LP1050 & LP880

If a picture is worth a thousand words this photo may be worth a million.

For complete specs and more detailed photos on our license plate series cell… Read on

ADD TO CART LP880 11plate cell  price $399.00

ADD TO CART LP1050 13 plate cell $449.00

Complete LP kits starting under $599.00

FS520 & FS620

Looking for a bullet proof cell that has real capacity and will slip in nearly anywhere?

For complete specs and more detailed photosRead on



Complete FS kits starting under $349

SFS2120 & SFS2530

If your application calls for maximum production, or you want to take advantage of the benefits maximum active surface area has to offer it would be hard to find anything comparable to the 12″ x 12″ SFS series cell.

For complete specs and more detailed photos Read on

ADD TO CART FS2120 11 plate cell our price $349

ADD TO CART FS2530 13 plate cell  price $379

Complete kits starting @ $349.00

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